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Picture Heavy Timeline [16 Mar 2010|07:10pm]


Lots of purple.Collapse )
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[05 Jul 2009|08:01pm]


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[29 Jun 2009|01:17am]

Punky Colour, Plum.

The most basic but, ultimately, the best.

Does anyone know how I can get ahold of this color in Punky Colour Professional without owning a salon? Because I'm sick of having to dye out my roots every month.

Purple is my natural color.
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[16 Jan 2009|04:40pm]


Just an updaaaaate.

Mixed WAKKstain blue and purple to make this colour. Totally in love with it.

Purple and black and long and fringe.Collapse )

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[06 Aug 2008|11:00pm]

Could someone tell me what shade of blonde I aught to be for the best results out of SFX wildflower?

I bleached once today with less than spectacular results and I"m afraid my final outcome is gonna be a little yellow. Should I bleach it a third time, then, with toner? How's this stuff take to a straw color?
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The Grape Escape [05 Aug 2008|05:09pm]

Hello everyone, new here.

current state of hair, ignore the text

This is a chronological visual history of my purple hair:

[ + 6 ]Collapse )

[ My secret ]Collapse )
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Some SFX questions and latest pictures... [02 Aug 2008|09:12am]



-Could you Pleeeeeaaase show me photos of faded SFX Deep Purple? As I'm likely going this colour soon, I'm curious to see what this will look like after a while. I'll be putting it over yellow blonde hair, if that matters.

-What are the Manic Panic and Directions 'alternatives' to SFX Deep Purple? And if you have tried them, what were they like? I'd like to see pictures of these also, faded OR new.

-I'm in Australia. So, it looks like I'm going to have to resort to ordering online. Buuuut, just in case, does anybody here know of any stores in Queensland in which I may be able to get SFX?

-And on the same topic, any clue what would be the cheapest place to order SFX off the net?

Aaaaand, just so this isn't text-only, I have my last purple attempt and some coontails/streaks I did to my friend Lily. Comments on both appreciated, although I know most of you don't like coontails =P.[I had loooots of leftover dye from past hair attempts on myself, which is what went to her. Not sure about all the colour names, sorry.]

On me, this is WAKK stain Blue/Green mixed with Directions Dark Tulip. 

And the lovely Lily...

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[27 Jul 2008|05:19pm]

 I want to see ANY pictures of SFX Deep Purple. Diluted, Faded, straight on the head, over bleached, over other colours.. ANY. Thaaaank you. Haha. The only condition? Tell me what it is. 

I would especially like to see how Deep Purple fades. <3
3purple haired people

[23 Jul 2008|08:49pm]

Booooooored. Hair timeline. Both naturalish and unnatural colours. I want opinions on which was your favourite, and what you'd like to see in the future. <3.

So, I started about here. I was.. Eleven here, maybe? This -Might- have had a rinse through it.. A bronze or something, as I had awful grey-brown hair. Shortly after I started to get actual greys and decided to start dyeing. 

Also - camera is not having of timer mode. So, MySpace-y looking pictures abound. Sorry. VEEEEERRRY image heavy.

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[15 Jul 2008|03:10pm]
I realized that I have amassed quite the collection of partial bottles of every color imaginable. So, I figured I'd use them all. The purple in it is a mix of Punky Color's Purple and Punky Color's Lagoon Blue. I never liked howpink their Purple looked, so I usually mix in a little light blue to make it more violet.
Pictures under the cut.

the cut.Collapse )

xposted everywhere.
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