Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago. (gobblevamp) wrote in purple__hair,
Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago.

Booooooored. Hair timeline. Both naturalish and unnatural colours. I want opinions on which was your favourite, and what you'd like to see in the future. <3.

So, I started about here. I was.. Eleven here, maybe? This -Might- have had a rinse through it.. A bronze or something, as I had awful grey-brown hair. Shortly after I started to get actual greys and decided to start dyeing. 

Also - camera is not having of timer mode. So, MySpace-y looking pictures abound. Sorry. VEEEEERRRY image heavy.

Then various rinses for a few years.. I did Napalm Orange which I WISH I had photos of when I was about thirteen, but I just didn't take many photos when I was that age XD.

Then, when I turned fourteen, BLACK.

Then deep, deep chocolate brown.

Auburn. Which had quite bright orange streaks, but I could find no pictures with good light in which you could see them ;_;.

It really was so much brigher than this ;_;. Wish I had pictures of it in the sun, it was quite a bright red, really.

Back to brown, random blonde spot.

Mum bought me a black-purple.

I began to realise purple was my soulmate colour. Unfortunately, any box purple lasts about a week. So, various box purples here - 

But they all just fade to this - 

Dark pink over that. Stained my scalp tremendously.

Faded again. Won't bore you with that. Then, pink and purple. No great pictures.

Purple with pillarbox red streaks.



Slapped a bright blue over that mess, but it didn't turn bright blue.

Faded, went kinda greenish, I have photos of that but none currently uploaded. I had stuff at home and decided to slap random things on.

And I will update with a current picture soon XD. I need to take one - It's purple again.
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