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Uvita Viruella

The Grape Escape

Hello everyone, new here.

current state of hair, ignore the text

This is a chronological visual history of my purple hair:

So after pinks, plums, fushia and even green streaks on my hair, I had decided to let it grow for 2 years with out bleaching it. Finally It was a new canvas.

early 2006

It all started Magenta... But I wasn't a big fan of red hues, so I had to take it off, some how.

Magenta faded away, so I added purple streaks.
Time passed, it all faded to a sick pink hue. It was time to do some changes.

Chany helped me with the odyssey (as you may see I own a LOT of hair).

Time passed (again) but I took great care of it. <3

May 2008, Faded purples.
Here I am with Alberto one of my best friends and professional hairstylist, He's the one responssible for Magenta.

Current (last month)

This summer I asked Chany to add magenta streaks in the front. Yeah, I'll admit I like it when someone else does all the dirty job for me (A.K.A. bleaching)
The end thus far. :)


I use KUUL Funny Color System in
2 Purple + 1/2 Blue
Magenta (for the streaks)
after bleaching hair.
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