darkdaughter_L (darkdaughter_l) wrote in purple__hair,

I realized that I have amassed quite the collection of partial bottles of every color imaginable. So, I figured I'd use them all. The purple in it is a mix of Punky Color's Purple and Punky Color's Lagoon Blue. I never liked howpink their Purple looked, so I usually mix in a little light blue to make it more violet.
Pictures under the cut.


I just put the stripes of color- yellow (PC Bright Yellow), lime green (MP Iguana), dark green (Raw Forest Green), dark blue (PC Midnight Blue), light blue(PC Lagoon Blue), purple (PC Lagoon Blue & Purple mixed), pink (PC Rubine mixed with some random light pink brand), red (Raw Fire Red), then yellow over bleached out pink (makes it bright orange)- very close to eachother, then I ran a clean toothbrush through the yellow, green, blue. Then I rinsed the brush and ran it through the blue, purple, pink. I rinsed it again, and ran it through pink, red, orange. It sounds like it took me forever, but since I only did my front section, it really only took me about 15 minutes. The back section of my hair is yellow, orange, pink.

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