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Picture Heavy Timeline

This is my first post here. My hair is pink, purple, blue and turquoise. I'm going to take you through my recent purple hair timeline.

The purple in this picture was actually Xtremerz by Tessa blue, it washed out quickly but I liked this effect

Next, with long lasting results in 3 layers, I used SFX Atomic Pink, and Blue Velvet. (For the record the turquoise is SFX fishbowl, and Punky Colours lagoon blue and turquoise)

Blue velvet is amazing but it's super dark and I didn't like how my hair came out

Luckily, it lightened up in a few washes and I started to love it!

after 10 washes

19 washes

23 washes!

so I was hoping the blue would have lightened up more by this point but it didn't, so I bleached and redyed it. I used SFX Atomic Pink, Punky Colours Atlantic Blue for the middle layer, and Lagoon blue mixed with Turquoise at the very bottom. I've been really happy with the result

4 washes:

a few washes later and I don't think the purple's vibrancy is as nice as it was at first
I think that when you mix the same brands you have a better chance at a nice colour, but Im going to continue to use this combination anyway

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